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What is the Polybius Project?

There is a divide among┬ácryptocurrency users whether or not more regulation -whether government or institutional- is a good thing for the health of the cryptosphere. It is a contentious debate with strong and legitimate points on┬áboth sides. One project which believes a bit more regulation may be a necessary for the market is called Polybius. A regulated bank for cryptos Polybius is a project hoping to introduce a regulated bank …
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Swedbank Creates Digital Banking Conglomerate

After the growing number of blockchain consortiums, some institutions have taken it upon themselves to create a digital banking group. Swedbank is leading the charge in this regard, as they want to try and tackle the mobile sector. Digital Banking Requires Innovation And Ideas It comes as no surprise to find out Swedbank is looking to partner with other financial institutions and even fintech players in the coming months. The …
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