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eToro Plans to Acquire a Crypto Portfolio Tracking Provider

Acquisitions in the financial sector are very common. Cryptocurrency users may want to take note of eToro acquiring Delta, the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application. eToro is a well-established name in the financial world. The company prioritizes multi-asset investment solutions. This ranges anywhere from stock trading to buying and selling various cryptocurrencies. It now appears the company will expand upon this latter aspect. A big Move by eToro eToro announced it …
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Top 5 Technology Headlines Of 2016

Every year, there seems to be a lot of technology news that gets mainstream media coverage. 2016, was no different in this regard, and some very exciting events have taken place throughout the year. But not everything has been positive, as some major companies had to deal with PR nightmares. #5 Apple Removes The Headphone Jack A lot of technology enthusiasts were outraged at Appleā€™s decision to get rid of …
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