eToro Plans to Acquire a Crypto Portfolio Tracking Provider

Acquisitions in the financial sector are very common. Cryptocurrency users may want to take note of eToro acquiring Delta, the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application.

eToro is a well-established name in the financial world. The company prioritizes multi-asset investment solutions.

This ranges anywhere from stock trading to buying and selling various cryptocurrencies. It now appears the company will expand upon this latter aspect.

A big Move by eToro

eToro announced it will acquire crypto portfolio tracker app Delta. Not too many details have been provided with the public at this time. 

It is unclear how much eToro is coughing up as part of this acquisition and by which means. A multi-million dollar deal seems plausible in this regard.

Delta has made a name for itself in the cryptocurrency industry. They allow investors to make better decisions through pricing data and portfolio tracking. 

Despite the complete service eToro providers to its clients, these features will beef up the platform. It also clearly shows the company wants to intensify its crypto-oriented focus. 

Once the acquisition and integration are complete, eToro’s users will gain access to a lot more information. Delta spans information from over 175 exchanges and 6,000 digital assets. 

Delta has built its core technology for cryptocurrencies initially. Following the acquisition, this technology will be utilized for all other assets supported by eToro’s platform. 

For the cryptocurrency industry, this is a strong signal. When one of the most prominent service providers looks to strengthen its position, interesting things are bound to happen sooner or later.