Top 5 Technology Headlines Of 2016

Every year, there seems to be a lot of technology news that gets mainstream media coverage. 2016, was no different in this regard, and some very exciting events have taken place throughout the year. But not everything has been positive, as some major companies had to deal with PR nightmares.

#5 Apple Removes The Headphone Jack

A lot of technology enthusiasts were outraged at Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 models. For the longest time, smartphones have been part of mobile devices. But with the rise in Bluetooth audio, one could argue that there is still a need for regular headphones in the smartphone world. Apple certainly doesn’t think so, even though that decision may affect their iPhone 7 sales on a global scale.

#4 Cloud Quantum Computing Is A Thing

IBM shocked the world by announcing their Quantum Experience in May of 2016. His cloud-based platform for quantum computing makes powerful technology accessible to the world. The only requirement is owning a desktop computer or mobile device, which means that billions of people can experience the power of quantum computing. For now, it remains unclear what innovations we can expect, but it is an intriguing development for sure.

#3 Computer Failure Affects Thousands of Delta’s Flights

Technology,  a valuable tool, can become a major pain in the neck if things go awry. Delta Airlines experienced a major outage in 2016, which affected thousands of flights all over the world. A power outage in the Company’s headquarters in Atlanta was the culprit. Thankfully the issues were resolved rather quickly, but it served as a valuable lesson for the airline.

Some people may be wondering how it was possible that Delta Airlines had no backup in place. In fact, it was the lack of backup power that caused 300 of their servers to remain inaccessible. With no proper power source testing, Delta Airlines could have faced a far bigger PR nightmare if things had gotten further out of hand. Thankfully, it seems that the Company took note of the wake-up call.

#2 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Line Is On Fire

Saying that something is on fire is usually a positive comment, but for Samsung, it was most certainly not.  Their line of Galaxy Note 7 devices literally caught on fire due to battery issues. Things got so bad that the tech giant was forced to recall all devices and halt production immediately–a very costly endeavor.  We can only hope that the next generation does not suffer from these issues.

#1 Cyberattacks Dominate Media Headlines

Although most people would prefer to overlook the less fun events that took place in 2016, cyber attacks have been dominating media headlines all year. Rest assured this is only the beginning, though, as more cyber crime is expected to take place in the coming years. Educating people on how to properly protect their identities and devices may be a good Christmas gift.

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