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Cryptocurrency Inflation vs Deflation

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are two main types of ecosystems. Either a cryptocurrency is inflationary – with new coins generated by mining or staking – or it is deflationary. A lot of people claim bitcoin’s deflationary status is a problem, and how minor inflation could alleviate these concerns. However, there are different aspects of either concept that need to be taken into account first. 2. Deflation Most cryptocurrency …
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Japan’s Economic Woes Can Be Beneficial For Bitcoin

Nearly every economy in the world is struggling right now, thanks to the global financial crisis. Japan is one of the few countries in Asia where there is, in fact, economic growth. Then again, a 0.2% boost in GDP is not that spectacular either. The approach of pumping more money into the local economy is no longer providing adequate results. Japanese Yen Surge Badly Hurts The Economy In this day …
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