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The Internet of (Insecure) Things: Could Blockchain Be the Solution?

The Internet of Things is taking a while to get off the ground. And with so many high-profile hacking attacks and PR disasters affecting big players like Yahoo and Jeep, it’s hardly surprising. The Internet of Things is looking a lot more like the Internet of Insecure Things, as parents watch their children’s smart dolls being hacked and patients worry about who’s controlling their cardiac devices. According to a survey by …
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How Can Blockchain Be Used to Aid Cybersecurity?

With the rapid advancement of internet-based technologies, cybersecurity is a constant cloud looming on the horizon. As the technology evolves, so too, do the cybercriminals. Their constant efforts to steal valuable data and disrupt business through DDoS attacks are increasingly sophisticated. Holding companies hostage and monetizing data through ransomware techniques is sadly par for the course. In fact, it’s estimated that cybersecurity alone costs the global economy some $450 billion …
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Bitcoin Businesses Targeted in Wave of DDoS Extortion Attacks

A blistering wave of DDoS attacks has been sweeping across digital currency space in November. Kraken, a bitcoin exchange based in San Francisco, was under heavy DDoS attack yesterday, which rendered the exchange inaccessible for a short duration. An extortion letter was also sent to the exchange, demanding an undisclosed bitcoin ransom payment. Staff at Kraken have refused to comply with the demands. The site is under DDoS at the …
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