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Neo-Nazi Website Banished to the Dark Web

Recent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia turned violent as 32-year-old Heather Hayer was killed after a car rammed into a group of counter-protesters. The subsequent fallout triggered a debate around the responsibility that tech companies might have for enabling extremist content on their platforms. Apps like Discord already shut down Neo-Nazi servers, and recently both Google and GoDaddy pulled the plug on a widely-known extremist website, The Daily Stormer. Moving to the Dark …
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Saskatoon Woman Gets Caught Trying to Order Nuclear Substance on Dark Net

A 35-year-old Saskatoon woman plead guilty in provincial court this past week, to charges of trying to import a radioactive substance known as Polonium-209. The woman was arrested last year when police received a tip that the woman was trying to import the Polonium-210 from dark net. The dark net is famous for a lot of highly illegal activity such as drugs, and other controlled substances. “Polonium-209 is the radioactive …
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Europol Report Shows Terrorists Are Not Using Bitcoin

A recent publication by the International Business Times finally sheds some light on how terrorist organization ISIS has never used Bitcoin in the past. While many people strongly feel the popular digital currency offers perfect anonymity, it is one of the most transparent payment solutions in the world today. Moving Bitcoin funds around the world on an anonymous level is not possible for long, and terrorists prefer other payment options, …
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