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This Vending Machine Dispenses Money and Stores Gold

GoldMint is a project that backs its virtual token with actual gold, making its tokens part of the extremely popular precious metal markets. However, GoldMint is looking to go one step further by vending gold and introducing something it calls the “Custody Bot.” This post looks at GoldMint’s Custody Bot, what it means for the precious metal markets, and what it does for GoldMint. What is Gold Vending? Gold vending is …
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GoldMint Offers Gold-Backed Crypto Assets

There are a few projects which are looking to back up cryptocurrency assets with precious metal standards. The idea is that this will help more traditional investors enter the cryptocurrency sphere, since sometimes the idea of a currency only backed by faith in math can put them off. There are also other advantages to having an asset backed by precious metal. To that end, GoldMint is a blockchain-based platform operating on a cryptoasset …
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