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Top 3 Ransomware Families Causing Havoc In 2016

With the year 2016 almost behind us, it is time to reflect on how ransomware has affected business and consumers around the world. As one would come to expect, some forms of this nasty malware are far more common than others. A recent report by Malwarebytes tells us which three types were most common in the US, a list that won’t surprise anyone. Even though the number of different ransomware …
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Plenty of Bitcoin References In “Leaked” Season Two Episode of Mr. Robot

The new season of popular TV Show Mr. Robot is almost upon us. A “bridging” episode between the end of season one and the upcoming season aired about a week ago. For people who have paid close attention to detail, the number of Bitcoin references in this episode was amazing.  Interestingly enough, the “doom scenario” pictured in that episode is not that unlikely. Mr. Robot Paints An Interesting Bitcoin Future …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – CryptoWall

One of the more recent forms of Bitcoin ransomware will still linger in the minds of many computer users all over the world. CryptoWall was one of the latest types of malware to target Windows users, as this type of software is always designed to go after the most commonly used operating system. It all begin in 2014, which was quite a popular year for Bitcoin ransomware, all things considered. …
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