Plenty of Bitcoin References In “Leaked” Season Two Episode of Mr. Robot

The new season of popular TV Show Mr. Robot is almost upon us. A “bridging” episode between the end of season one and the upcoming season aired about a week ago. For people who have paid close attention to detail, the number of Bitcoin references in this episode was amazing.  Interestingly enough, the “doom scenario” pictured in that episode is not that unlikely.

Mr. Robot Paints An Interesting Bitcoin Future

There were many positive Bitcoin references to take away from this particular episode. Although some people may wonder how the Mr. Robot episode got leaked on the internet, it appears USA Network aired it on purpose. Interestingly enough, they did so three days before the broadcast of season two would begin, which is scheduled to air later today.

In this particular episode, we saw the downfall of the financial ecosystem as we know it. Banks could not process transactions, see a history of bills being paid, or even close accounts. They simply had no idea how much money their clients owned, and they could not guarantee the cash reserves to pay out balances in full if they knew how much was involved.

To make matters even more intriguing, the banks were then hit with a ransomware attack. In an earlier part of the episode, we saw a reference to CryptoWall, a very popular type of Bitcoin ransomware which caused significant damage to computer systems all over the world. The banks were forced to pay up 5.9m US Dollars to get the threat removed, with a very nice countdown timer that would see the price increase if demands were not met.

But there was more, as a Bitcoin “truck” was clearly visible during a shot in the episode as well. It is positive to see Bitcoin make it to tv shows in a positive manner for a change, instead of being wrongfully linked to only criminal activity on the Internet. Then again, in this episode, it occurred once hackers took down the financial system, so make of that what you will.

All of this can spur a new wave of interest in Bitcoin, as consumers brace themselves for more financial turmoil. Stock markets and fiat currencies are not looking too strong right now. The Brexit has put everything on its head, and not in a positive manner. Bitcoin is unencumbered by these burdens, as it operates outside of the control of banks and corporations.

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