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The $100m Karatbars ICO Raises Questions Which Can’t be Answered

A growing list of cryptocurrency-themed projects have turned out to be complete scams. Although there are some exceptions, most of those ventures are no longer around. In the case of Karatbars, it seems things have begun to unravel in quick succession. The project is under investigation for a variety of reasons.  Karatbars and its Gold Reserves Regulators in the US have taken offense to the Karatbars project. Not just because …
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The Rise of Crypto Banks Begins in Switzerland

Switzerland aims to position itself as a European leader in the cryptocurrency world. This becomes apparent when looking at the adoption of crypto assets. Additionally, several banking licenses have been issued to what is referred to as “crypto banks” This is a clear sign the future of cryptocurrency looks somewhat promising. although no one should expect any miracles. .  Switzerland Forge Ahead There are several reasons why Switzerland is such …
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