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Phishing-as-a-Service Is now a Thing

Malware, Trojans, Viruses and any form of informatic attack is now a normal occurrence in the day-to-day lives of internet users. Still, it is somewhat worrying that even not technically-skilled people can now launch a malicious attack as if they were sending an email. Black markets, darknet, deep web, and other obscure parts of the internet became popular because of their morally dubious offerings. Security firm Fortinet released a blog …
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800,000 Accounts From Porn Website Brazzer Exposed

Computer hacks have become the norm in today’s internet. The huge amount of unsecured servers, misconfigurations, and exploits makes hacking an everyday occurrence.  Today’s victim was Brazzer, the pornographic production company, based in Montreal, Canada. The company confirmed the breach yesterday, explaining that the hack was performed over Brazzersforum –which is run by a third-party under the vBulletin forum framework–. Nevertheless, some users who didn’t have a forum account saw their data …
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