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What are MOOCs?

The digital age has redefined many different aspects of what it means to be human. One of those areas is education, with the advent of online classes and online degrees. A specific type of online class is the MOOC, and it is a really interesting concept. No, MOOCs are not a goofy name you use disparagingly with your friends. Rather, they are well-respected and often very popular forms of online education. Let’s take a few minutes to …
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Coursera Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Begins Soon

Education on the topics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are an absolute necessity at this stage. A new Coursera class touching upon both subjects can be quite powerful to bring new people into the ecosystem. Moreover, this is another validation of how popular Bitcoin has become, as there are now official classes people can follow online. Coursera Sees The Need For Bitcoin Education Education on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency …
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