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Large Corporations Joining The League of Blockchain and Crypto Investments

Analysts, media and even social media channels are ramping on over one common thought. That is the wider adoption or the maturity of the crypto blockchain sphere in the upcoming years.  This agreed notion is based upon several positive indicators. Governments over the globe have become fairly lenient in their regulatory box pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Germany and France being the latest additions to this list. Recently, China has also indicated …
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What Is AragonOS?

Although a lot of people readily dismiss altcoins these days, there are some interesting projects out there. The Aragon project is currently working on AragonOS, which introduces some major changes to smart contracts as we know them today. More specifically, smart contracts’ underlying architecture is in dire need of some upgrades. Introducing more flexibility and making it easier to extend the functionality of these contracts is well worth looking into. AragonOS …
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Number of Data Breaches Increased by 1.8% in 2016

Despite the number of data breaches still going up, there are some positive news as well. New research indicates the average cost per data breach is going down, which is a positive development. Unfortunately, this change can mainly be attributed to the US Dollar surging in value, rather than companies getting better at protecting their data. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is good …
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