Large Corporations Joining The League of Blockchain and Crypto Investments

Analysts, media and even social media channels are ramping on over one common thought. That is the wider adoption or the maturity of the crypto blockchain sphere in the upcoming years. 

This agreed notion is based upon several positive indicators. Governments over the globe have become fairly lenient in their regulatory box pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Germany and France being the latest additions to this list. Recently, China has also indicated positive sentiments towards blockchain investments. 

The entire crypto industry has evolved in the past few years. The proof being the more mature versions like IEO and STO coming to light. Analyzing different surveys and reports suggest the increase in interest in the subject of cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin, among the people. 

Another key indicator, also the one that we are going to discuss in-depth in this article, is the inclusion of a number of large corporations into this space. Blockchain investments have mainly seen small startups sprung here and there. However, over the past few years, several huge companies have stepped into this space. 

Let’s look at some of the upcoming projects as well as those that have already been launched and will potentially have a huge impact on this sphere. 

Facebook’s Libra

Although the Libra project is currently under major controversies, the entry of the social media giant Facebook into this space itself says a lot. Moreover, the arrival of Facebook has spiked a new interest among people for cryptocurrencies. Additionally, despite the notion, the project is also backed by several other big institutions including Vodafone, Uber, Spotify, etc. The practical on-ground application of the project will be one of the major events in the cryptocurrency industry. 

J.P. Morgan’s Digital Coin

The big bank giant J.P. Morgan announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency JPM coin. The stablecoin will be pegged to the fiat currency USD and will further be used to make instant transactions. The project is yet in its pilot stage and we might see the manifestation of this project this year. In addition to this, J.P Morgan has further dug its foot by launching Kadena, a hybrid blockchain project, in January 2020. 

Wolfs Blockchain Platform

Wolfs Group, a large European consulting company, specializing in private and venture capital has also invested in this space by acquiring Ferpay, a fintech entity. Through this program, the company plans to roll out multicurrency cards through its partnership with VISA. Furthermore, it also plans to install Bitcoin ATM’s across Europe. Such modern innovations will bring a new angle to the cryptocurrency space. 

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin futures and cryptocurrency custody services are suspected to be the rising trends of the year 2020. Major organizations have already banked on this investment. Bakkt, a platform offering bitcoin futures contract was launched last year by the owner of NYSE. Moreover, it includes investors like Microsoft and Starbucks. 

Other than this, Fidelity Investment, a Wall Street finance giant has also launched its cryptocurrency custody services. The launch of such platforms has created a new direction for digital assets. 

Samsung’s Blockchain Phones

The popularity of blockchain and crypto has also enabled supporting infrastructure like blockchain phones. Samsung is among the first ones to roll out a phone specifically catering to dapps built on blockchain and in-built cryptocurrency wallets. The launch of its KlatynPhone, designated as a blockchain phone, is specifically built for users interacting with different elements of a blockchain ecosystem. Other than Samsung, a number of other operators including HTC have launched blockchain-enabled smartphones with different features.  

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS): Alibaba & Amazon

Alibaba, who holds the most patents for blockchain technology, has adopted it for a number of applications. One of the erupted trends that Alibaba has launched is providing an enterprise platform to provide cloud services for blockchain applications. Blockchain as a Service (Baas). In the last year, Amazon has too joined by enabling its AWS platform to provide the setting of different blockchain frameworks. In the upcoming year, we would see a number of organizations joining the league of providing critical infrastructure to blockchain services. 

Future Investments

The year 2020 seems to have a lot in store as far as crypto-blockchain investments are concerned. One of the latest developments being the twitter CEO Jack Dorsey developing a decentralized platform for social media. In the last quarter of 2019, we also saw positive sentiments of China, which has been stringent towards cryptocurrency, encouraging blockchain investments. Moreover, this year also holds the launch of CBD’s in many nations. The year looks indeed promising for blockchain and crypto investments.