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Binded Raises More Funding to Develop Blockchain-based Copyright Solution

Companies all over the world flock to blockchain technology for vastly different reasons. Binded is one of the few projects focusing this attention on using distributed ledger technology to protect intellectual property. More specifically, the company uses this technology for photographers. In doing so, Binded aims to provide a permanent record of copyright work in a public database. The company raised an additional $950k to make this project a reality. …
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Cisco Claims They Can Cut Off Any Pirated Livestream In Real-time

Online streaming has become a booming business, even though there are plenty of copyright violations. Mainly sporting events are frequently livestreamed on the Internet through pirated means. Cisco, the security giant, claims that  they have what it takes to cut live pirated video streams. This will not affect uploaded video content, though, as that can be taken offline with relative ease already. Bringing An End To Pirated Live Streaming Sporting …
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Twitter Users Can Claim Image Copyright On The Blockchain Through Blockai

Claiming copyright is a vital part of our society to this very day. Up until now, that has been very difficult to do. Particularly when it comes to image content, there doesn’t seem to be a convenient solution. Blockai wants to change all that, and they now let users claim copyright for their images using Twitter. Blockai Is Now Available For Twitter The Blockai team is providing a service many …
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