Twitter Users Can Claim Image Copyright On The Blockchain Through Blockai

Claiming copyright is a vital part of our society to this very day. Up until now, that has been very difficult to do. Particularly when it comes to image content, there doesn’t seem to be a convenient solution. Blockai wants to change all that, and they now let users claim copyright for their images using Twitter.

Blockai Is Now Available For Twitter

The Blockai team is providing a service many people have been waiting for. Content creators struggle to file copyright claims for their creations these days. Particularly photographers and visual artists know the struggle of this process. But with Blockai, those are all concerns of the past, and the future’s looking bright.

What this service does is let users claim copyright of their work on the blockchain. As the blockchain creates immutable and time stamped proof of this claim, there is no point in arguing fair use or otherwise. The creator can always refer to this copyright claim, and prove he or she is the original creator/owner of the context.

But the team has been taking things one step further, by introducing their service for Twitter users. All a user needs to do is sign up for Blockai through Twitter, and tweet an image using the #blockai hashtag. Once done, the user will receive a link to their copyright claim on the blockchain.

Every time somebody files a copyright claim using the #blockai hashtag, they will record the request on the blockchain. This permanent record will then be sent to the user in the form of a digital certificate. All in all, the process could not be much simpler, as the Blockai team opens up their solution to millions of Twitter users around the world.

More importantly, every copyrighted image will be added to the user’s portfolio. This makes the platform a great solution for all copyright claims in the image department. Users can also track copyrights, to find out who is using particular images. In the future, it will be possible to take action against copyright infringers.

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