Contactless Payments

Contactless Check-in for Healthcare

Healthcare is often very confusing, perhaps especially for patients, but perhaps not since $190 billion is spent on unnecessary costs…

4 months ago

Top 5 Wearables Facilitating Contactless Payments

The world of finance and payments is undergoing some significant changes. Financial institutions are trying to bring new payment solutions…

5 years ago

UK Customers Can Now Use PayPal For Contactless Payments

The world of payments seems to shift around at every possible turn. Contactless payments are a clear fan favorite in…

5 years ago

Host Card Emulation is a Prime Example Of Why Bitcoin is Better

Various banks are the world are working on releasing their contactless payment applications, as all of these financial institutions want…

6 years ago

London Black Cab Drivers May Soon Accept Indirect Bitcoin Payments

There is some fierce competition going on in the transportation sector, as cab drivers face stiff competition from sharing economy…

6 years ago

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