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Verv Partners with Ocean Protocol, Allows Consumers to Monetize Their Energy Usage Data

As consumers, we’re used to accessing programs and software in exchange for signing over our personal data, and in that sense, we’ve become the product. Our information is often shared far beyond what’s required for an app to function, and this has led to major breaches of our privacy. Decentralization is part of the solution, and so is transparency in data sharing. Verv, a UK-based green energy startup, is creating a data …
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Can Blockchain Repair the Broken Digital Advertising Space?

Most of us find digital advertising irritating. When online ads first came to platforms like Facebook, it was something of a novelty. For the first time, we were being shown products and services that were actually relevant to us, based on our likes and preferences – and data. That four-letter word has become a precious commodity. Because valuable data is, in fact, worth its weight in gold. But as with anything in our …
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