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Virtual Summits: The Future of the Conference Industry

COVID-19 has caused governments and companies alike to start closing down huge conferences and events – the $1.5 trillion global event industry has seen the vast majority of events close, rescheduled, or go entirely virtual. In February, Facebook announced that it was cancelling the annual F8 tech conference, Twitter has shut down any unnecessary travel until further notice – including barring CEO Jack Dorsey from attending SXSW in March, which …
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8 Great Crypto Conferences in the Next Seven Months

Cryptocurrency continues its march from niche market to major player on the global scene. The amount of venture capital investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency in the first quarter alone is up almost 90 percent from the previous year. The crypto community, while growing, still feels small. There are many opportunities to establish relationships and connect with industry leaders and innovators. The new applications of blockchain become staples of discussion at …
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Free Dash Conferences Are Coming to Venezuela Starting Next Month

Cryptocurrency conferences have always been of keen interest to a lot of people. Not only are they great places to meet like-minded people, but a conference is also a valuable source of knowledge. The Dash team acknowledges there is a growing demand for more conferences, especially in regions where cryptocurrency can make a big difference. Venezuela is certainly one of those regions, which is why the team is bringing a few free …
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