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Sergey Brin Refers to Ethereum as an Advance in Computing

Technology pioneers have been showing an interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for quite some time now. Especially for pioneers active in the coding world, the concept of cryptocurrency is rather intriguing. Alphabet’s Sergey Brin recently mentioned Ethereum in a positive light. This took a few people by surprise, although most of his comments revolved around artificial intelligence. Sergey Brin and Ethereum As is usually the case when a famous technology pioneer references cryptocurrency, there is …
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Introduction to the Ethereum-based Golem Project

Golem is an Ethereum-based decentralized distributed computation network, where users can buy or sell computational power, meaning that you can either complete a computational-heavy task on someone else’s computer or sell your idle computing power to someone who needs it. Golem is composed of all the nodes running the Golem Dapp and it can be used for Stock market simulations, big data analysis, Medical research and even cryptocurrency mining, which …
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Nearly Half of Cloud-based Malware Is Used To Distribute Ransomware

The topic of malware and ransomware has been touched upon quite a few times in the past. Despite all of this attention, it remains one of the most potent threats in the world today. A new report by Netskope goes to show 43.7% of cloud malware is known to deliver ransomware. That is only the tip of the iceberg of bad news, though. A New Condemning Report on Malware Every …
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