Graphene Transistors Improve Computing Power by a Factor of 1000

In a perfect world, we would succeed in making computers both incredibly cheap and extremely fast. For the longest time, reaching…

4 years ago

Inmates Hide Self-Built Computers and Abuse Staff Credentials to Surf the Web

Prison staff in Ohio came across a rather interesting discovery recently. As it turns out, two inmates who were responsible…

5 years ago

4 Ways Your Devices are Spying on you Right now

Despite some of the advancements made in the technology sector over the past few years, obtaining privacy online remains quite…

5 years ago

Top 4 Computer Viruses That Were Very Difficult To Get Rid Of

Throughout the years, there have been quite a few annoying types of computer viruses to get rid of. Although the…

5 years ago

Top 4 Types of Malware To Watch For

Virus, malware, trojans--TV shows like Mr. Robot have shown the general population what these dangerous pieces of software can cause.…

5 years ago

3 Common Ways Users Lose Their Bitcoins

As much as consumers want to protect their Bitcoins at all times, there are so many different mistakes that can…

6 years ago

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