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In the Future, Blockchain Could Take to the Skies

You thought you’d heard everything about blockchain and its uses. But just as the cryptocurrency community has taken bleeding-edge innovation up a gear, so too have the blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Beyond fixing broken systems, allowing for real-time record keeping, and wiping out corruption, blockchain could soon be taking to the skies. What’s Flying Around Above Our Heads? Well, it rather depends where you live. But if you’re in …
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Time to Get a Drone?

Consumer drones are some of the coolest pieces of technology on the market right now. They can provide filmmakers with truly awesome shots, they can enable explorers to look at their paths from a better view, and they can bring families and friends closer together by having a hobby they can share. One of the drawbacks of these kinds of drones is they can get somewhat expensive. That is why …
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Drone Data – The Digital Oil Rush

For the vast majority of people, the idea of drones delivering their Amazon products, their groceries, or their take out for the night will not go much further beyond that. It will remain as an ephemeral experience which began at the time of placing their order, and that ended at once their service or product was delivered. Like any other experience, most of the time people who have the luxury …
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