Time to Get a Drone?

Consumer drones are some of the coolest pieces of technology on the market right now. They can provide filmmakers with truly awesome shots, they can enable explorers to look at their paths from a better view, and they can bring families and friends closer together by having a hobby they can share. One of the drawbacks of these kinds of drones is they can get somewhat expensive. That is why I like to keep an eye out for coupons and sales that go on, and there is a pretty cool one going on right now.

DJI Drones

DJI Drones is a commercial and industrial drone site that offers many different kinds of drones and drone accessories. Offering more than just drone products, DJI is also committed to providing free training for operation of these devices. Not only a nice thing to do, but this is also a good business move since this way operators will not immediately destroy their new drone because they are unaware how to fly it. This free training service currently is limited to select cities, but is an invaluable resource for those who are able to take advantage.  

They are having a rather interesting sale going on right now as well where they are offering extremely enticing deals via their DJI coupons.

The Deals

The coupons that are available can be found on coupongrind, and the deals are great. Their flagship drone is called the “Spark” and it boasts some rather impressive specs. The deal they are offering with the coupon on it as well is pretty nice for this caliber of Drone.

They also are student and educator friendly, offering a 10% discount with the coupons for teachers and students alike. I appreciate this, considering that I think drones do not only serve recreational purposes, but also creative and practical ones as well. The easier we can expose students to new technology like this, the better.

Other deals are on refurbished drones, which is a cool way to give a second life to a drone and also get into drones without having to put in as much money as getting a completely new one. They are also offering one that provides a rebate, which essentially knocks down the price of any purchase.

These coupon deals also are set to expire sooner rather than later, so it may be worth checking out if you have ever wanted a drone before these deals expire.

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