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What Is Cindicator?

There are many aspects of cryptocurrency which can easily be disrupted by innovative technologies. For example, asset management and cryptocurrency trading can benefit a lot from artificial intelligence. This is exactly what Cindicator aims to achieve by using next-gen predictive analytics for smart trading. The project has its own native currency, also known as Cindicator. Now is a good time to look at what all of this entails. What is Cindicator …
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How Hybrid Intelligence is the Next Logical Step in Market Analysis

Mankind has continually evolved ever since he crawled out of the primordial muck. The methods and tools he used to adapt himself to the world have evolved over time as well. He first used a club against his enemies, and this club was later replaced by the sword and then the firearm. Fire was harnessed to bring light to the darkness and to cook food, and was replaced by the modern light …
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