What Is Cindicator?

There are many aspects of cryptocurrency which can easily be disrupted by innovative technologies. For example, asset management and cryptocurrency trading can benefit a lot from artificial intelligence. This is exactly what Cindicator aims to achieve by using next-gen predictive analytics for smart trading. The project has its own native currency, also known as Cindicator. Now is a good time to look at what all of this entails.

What is Cindicator Exactly?

The Cindicator project aims to provide a hybrid intelligence solution for effective asset management by decentralizing the analysis of financial markets. Rather than relying on information provided by human analysts, the project encompasses artificial intelligence solutions. As a result, we may finally be able to trade smarter with a brand-new generation of predictive analytics.

How Does this Work in Real Life?

The so-called Cindicator Bot uses predictive analytics, data, and market indicators to perform traditional and cryptocurrency market analysis. It aggregates data from thousands of analysts around the world and combines dozens of machine learning models to provide the best information to its users. It is evident this particular solution will attract a lot of attention from people all over the world.

There is also the Cryptometer Bot, which serves as a personal cryptocurrency market measurement tool for time-sensitive market opportunities. With real-time arbitrage opportunities and nearly a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, this solution will be of great interest to cryptocurrency speculators and market makers. Moreover, this app will alert users about impending market drops, allowing them to react accordingly.

To access these features, people can choose between using a mobile app or a web application. Although the team is still actively developing some of its solutions as we speak, several working products exist already in the mobile apps, an API for hedge funds, trading signals, and arbitrage bots. More functionality will be added to this ecosystem in the future, which can only be considered a good thing.

What is the Cindicator Token?

To make things interesting, the Cindicator team gave their token the exact same name as that of the overall project. There is no mining involved, as the tokens are used to create an internal economy in this new ecosystem. These ERC20 tokens will give token holders exclusive access to a part of the Hybrid Intelligence Infrastructure currently being developed. Additionally, there is a separate tier of access to all existing products including trading signals, ratings, and internal analytical products. It seems owning this token is warranted rather easily if one is actively pursuing a career in financial market trading.

What’s Next for Cindicator?

With plenty of work still to be done, the Cindicator team is looking to hire additional developers first and foremost. Additionally, the Collective Intelligence platform will be improved, which will result in visual changes for both web and mobile users. The arbitrage bot will also receive some big upgrades in the future, including an increased range of currency pairs and three-point arbitrage. The Cindicator bot will also receive additional functionality, including new indicators and additional information. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the project, but so far, things look pretty impressive.