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DOJ Feels The FBI Did Nothing Wrong During The PlayPen Investigation

Ever since the FBI got involved in the PlayPen case, there have been more questions than answers. Infiltrating a Tor forum is not an easy task, and the FBI ran PlayPen for quite some time. Earlier evidence seemed to indicate their actions only increased the number of pedophiles attracted to this platform. But the Department of Justice feels law enforcement did nothing of the sort to improve the child porn …
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FBI Helped Increase Distribution of Child Pornography During Playpen Investigation

Most of our readers may remember the Playpen case, which has been causing a lot of friction for the FBI. Law enforcement agencies shut down this darknet forum for child pornography, albeit it is doubtful they operated within the legal boundaries of their obtained warrant. In fact, the FBI may have made the child pornography problem even worse due to their behavior. Not A Good PR Move By The FBI …
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