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What Happens When Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Tech Collide?

Oftentimes in this cutthroat world, one emerging technology replaces another. Just think about your alarm clock, Rolodex, or camera. And as for fax machines and cassette players? No one’s shedding a tear over their demise. But sometimes different technologies can actually complement each other, rather than remove and replace. Here we are in 2018, standing on the cusp of never-ending possibilities. We don’t know yet how far-reaching the implications of blockchain …
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Why Chatbots for CRM Matter for Your Business

Whether you order a pizza, taxi, or ask for a consultation at a bank via instant messenger, you will probably deal with a chatbot at some point in a day or week, though you may even not notice. CRM itself is a powerful sales and marketing tool for many business processes automation, but a chatbot can push your business an additional step forward. Uber, Lyft, PizzaHut, Sephora, the WallStreet Journal, …
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