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Nigeria and Japan Commence Development of Native Central Bank Digital Currencies

Central banks will not give up on their plans to create national digital currencies anytime soon. Although this concept remains highly controversial in the financial sector, two new participants have unveiled their plans. Both the Central Bank of Nigeria and a consortium of Japanese banks aim to issue their own currencies moving forward. It’s an interesting concept, even though it remains to be seen how these ventures will play out. More …
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Swedish Central Bank Explores E-Krona Digital Currency

Although the concept of central bank digital currency remains severely contested, efforts are being made to turn this into a very real thing. Sweden could be one of the first countries to go ahead with such an initiative. Some more information has been leaked regarding the creation of an E-Krona, which is scheduled to be brought into circulation as early as next year. The Swedish central bank has big plans for this currency, …
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Is There a Future for Central Bank Digital Currencies?

Various countries around the world are exploring the option of creating national digital currencies. A digital version of the US dollar or euro, for example, would be rather interesting to see. However, a central bank-issued digital currency is not all that easy to create. There are specific technical requirements to take into account. In fact, such currencies may not even warrant the use of a blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT). …
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