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Third Centra Co-Founder Charged With Fraud as Team Never Planned to Deliver the Goods

Things are quickly going from bad to worse for the Centra ICO. While it’s a well-known project with celebrity backing, the team running the show has a lot of explaining to do. Three of the co-founders have been charged with fraud despite raising $32 million through the initial coin offering. The Centra Plot Thickens Again In the world of initial coin offerings, it is impossible to determine which projects should be trusted. While …
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Centra ICO May Have Violated SEC Securities Law

We have seen quite a few complaints involving ICOs in the past few months. Especially in the US, there is genuine concern as to whether or not most of these tokens are securities. It appears someone has filed a complaint against the Centra ICO, which garnered a lot of attention thanks to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s involvement as a promoter. This development will certainly be interesting to keep an eye on. Centra ICO …
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Centra’s Blockchain Bridges the Gap Between Crypto and Fiat, Improving User Experience in Cost and Efficiency

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen rapid growth with a market capitalization of over US$150 billion; however, linking blockchain transactions to mainstream systems remains a critical challenge for the adoption of the technology, especially in the financial sector. Creating flexible links that enable integration between the cryptocurrency and fiat ecosystems represents the only solution to crypto usability and implementation. Centra Tech, an innovative blockchain company, is developing a blockchain platform that will …
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