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Malware Hunter Search Engine Sniffs out Malware Command-and-control Servers

It looks like security researchers have reached an important milestone in the ongoing war against malware. A new search engine has been revealed which can be used to sniff out malware command-and-control servers around the world. Under the Malware Hunter banner – not to be confused with the Malware Hunter software – this search engine looks to bring malware distribution to a halt in the near future. Malware Hunter Is …
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Security Experts Infiltrate Locky Ransomware C&C Server

Bitcoin ransomware has been the front and center of media attention in recent months, but luckily, security researchers are inching closer towards a solution. A second C&C server for the Locky malware has been breached by a white hat hacker, which will help in finding solutions for infected victims. Another Malware C&C Server Breached The Locky ransomware has been making a lot of headlines during its brief existence so far, …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Crypvault

Some of the more modern types of Bitcoin ransomware pose a significant threat to computer users to this very day. Crypvault is in the top three on that list, as this kind of malware includes some new routines that make life even harder for infected users. In fact, this is the first type of ransomware to include an antivirus toolkit preventing users from accessing files. Also read: MAIDsafe Technical Analysis …
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