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CBS Gives Cryptocurrency YouTuber His Own Bitcoin Show

Cryptocurrency has begun making an impact on the TV landscape. Dozens of TV shows have made references to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the years, though not always in a positive manner. It now seems a YouTuber known as Crypto Crow will be getting his own TV show on CBS, CW, and Roku starting next month. Crypto Crow on Television It is good to see major US TV broadcasters pay attention to cryptocurrency. …
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Two CBS Websites Contained Code to Mine Monero

It appears plenty of websites are experimenting with cryptocurrency mining scripts these days. Now that two sites operated by CBS’s Showtime video network have been identified as containing such scripts, it will be interesting to see how the public responds. Up until now, only niche sites had experimented with this concept, but Showtime is a different creature altogether. No one knows for sure how the code got onto these websites in the first place, …
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