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Carbanak Cybercrime Group Uses Public Google Services to Control Malware Operations

Cybercrime gangs are becoming bolder at every turn. The Carbanak group is back after a brief absence, and they are now using cloud servers to operate their command-and-control servers. To be more precise, the group employs Google’s servers to distribute and control its malware. A brash move that goes to show cyber criminals aren’t afraid of anything. Carbanak Returns With A Bang Forcepoint Security Labs researchers announced that they have spotted …
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Carbanak Group Launches Stealthy Malware Campaign Targeting Point of Sale Devices

Cybercrime gangs are far more troublesome than most people give them credit for. One of those gangs, which goes by the name of Carbanak, is now targeting the hospitality and restaurant industries. By using social engineering techniques, they attempt to trick call center staff into downloading malware which affects point of sale terminals. Carbanak Is Stepping up Their Game In A Big Way Most people will recall the Carbanak name, …
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Symantec Uncovers New Plot To Attack SWIFT Network With Odinaff Trojan

Many people will recall the attacks conducted against the SWIFT payment network earlier this year. Even though SWIFT itself was never breached during these attacks, connected banks proved to be a security risk. Symantec has uncovered a plot by a second group of hackers looking to target the payment network. By using the Odinaff Trojan, the Carbanak cybercrime group may become a significant concern. Hackers Continue To Target The Financial …
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