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Multiple British Politicians Believe 5G Connectivity Will Cause Cancer

When it comes to politics, there will always be opinions which do not necessarily stroke with reality. In the UK Parliament, a very interesting debate has taken shape earlier this week. Some Members of Parliament claim 5G connectivity will cause cancer in the long run. This is allegedly due to its electromagnetic fields, which may have a very big impact on the human body.  Halting 5G Network Rollouts in the …
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Cancer Researchers in Israel Believe They Will Have a Cure for Cancer in 1 Year

According to the WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer, 18.1 million cancer cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Cancer is now the second leading cause of death behind cardiovascular diseases. It is imperative now, more than ever, that we continue to seek new methods to treat this devastating illness. Promising Research with Multi-Agent Toxins Recently, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies did an interview where stated they believe that they will “offer in a year’s time …
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Does Weed Killer Give You Cancer?

One of the most important parts of agriculture all over the world, herbicides and more specifically its active ingredient glyphosate, have been working to keep our crops healthy and weed free since the 1970s. Used in commercial farming to hobby gardens, Monsanto brand Roundup has been a favorite – that is until an unprecedented legal battle began in January 2016. Alleging his diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as the direct result …
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