Multiple British Politicians Believe 5G Connectivity Will Cause Cancer

When it comes to politics, there will always be opinions which do not necessarily stroke with reality. In the UK Parliament, a very interesting debate has taken shape earlier this week. Some Members of Parliament claim 5G connectivity will cause cancer in the long run. This is allegedly due to its electromagnetic fields, which may have a very big impact on the human body. 

Halting 5G Network Rollouts in the UK?

Whereas most countries are more than eager to embrace a higher tier of mobile data connectivity, not everyone sees it that way. That is only to be expected in this day and age, as technology has its advantages and drawbacks. While it remains to be seen which drawbacks 5G connectivity will offer exactly, it appears some politicians are concerned about consumers’ health. So much even that they want to halt the rollout of 5G networks across the United Kingdom. 

The main player in this debate is Tonia Antoniazzi, the MP for the Gower Peninsula in Wales. It is a very popular region among locals and tourists alike, primarily because of its picturesque views. Unfortunately, it would seem the region will now get some more negative attention due to the unusual thoughts by Antoniazzi. She prefers to keep a “wait-and-see” attitude when it comes to newer technologies. 

While it is true that the effects of mobile spectrum RF radiation on the human body remain unclear, this harsh stance toward 5G seems to make little sense. Antoniazzi even got in touch with Public Health England to voice her concerns, yet the response she received was not satisfactory. The agency effectively assesses the risks and has no concerns regarding the broader use of mobile data connectivity.

Claiming how radio frequency signals can cause cancer is a very controversial opinion. While it is not necessarily incorrect there is no credible evidence to make people think otherwise. If mobile radio frequencies had any negative impact on the human body, there should be thousands of documented cases by now. So far, there are none that most people know of. 

Surprisingly, Antoniazzi received support from other MPs regarding this train of thought. One MP even went as far as boldly stating how 4G has the same carbon footprint as all of aviation. A bit of an unusual claim which doesn’t appear to be based on any scientific evidence or research. This same politician claims mobile spectrum radiofrequency emissions impact insect life. While there is clearly something going on with the insect population, blaming it on mobile RF emissions is perhaps a few bridges too far.

As entertaining as this discussion may be to onlookers, it raises a few interesting questions for everyone to keep in mind. This debate might not lead to halting the rollout of 5G in the United Kingdom or anywhere else. However, now would be a good time to properly research whether or not these emissions have any real impact on humans or animals. If that is not the case, these debates can be put to rest once for all.