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eBay User Sells Miner Allegedly Belonging To Satoshi Nakamoto

People who have ever ventured into the world of Bitcoin mining will probably have some redundant hardware laying at home. As mining became more efficient and demanding, older generations of hardware were quickly discarded. One person is trying to sell his old BFL miner by claiming it may have once belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto. A Different Market Strategy That Creates Some Friction Even the people who do not own any …
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Bitcoin Scam Education – Ponzi Schemes

Although most people are well aware of why Ponzi schemes are so dangerous, there are quite a few programs out there in the Bitcoin world that aim to reach the same goal. However, users will need to be even more vigilant in the world of digital currencies, as Ponzi schemes can promise a high return, and very few people will ever see their money back, let alone a profit. Also …
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FTC Settles Charges Against Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Buttlefly Labs

Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Butterfly Labs, has agreed to settle a dispute with the FTC, which accused the company of deceiving customers. According to the FTC’s complaint – which was filed on the 18th of September in 2014 – Butterfly Labs misrepresented the profitability of their mining machines, and also kept customer’s pre-payments without delivering the mining hardware for an extend period of time. According to an official press release …
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