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Bitcoin Futures Launch Allegedly Triggered the 2018 Crypto Winter

Many people wonder why the cryptocurrency boom of 2017 came to such an abrupt halt. The obvious reason would be because speculators came to their senses and cashed out. It now seems the Trump administration may be to blame for this unfortunate series of events. The futures products, which were designed to take cryptocurrency mainstream, may be the downfall of the industry.  The Collapse of 2017 and 2018 It was …
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Bitcoin Price Hits Another All Time High – Are We in a Bubble?

Today Bitcoin’s price set yet another all time high, this time coming in at $2315 on Bitstamp. With the Japanese exchanges leading the rally, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Are we in another bubble?” A bubble is when a stock is driven to such a high price by traders, that the underlying assets becomes overvalued. Is Bitcoin overvalued at the current valuation, that is the real question. In order …
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