Spondoolies-Tech Shuts Down Operations Effectively Immediately

Spondoolies-Tech was one of the most-renowned Bitcoin hardware manufacturers to make a name for itself in recent years, but as it turns out, the company had ceased operations a few days ago. This announcement caught everyone by surprise, as things were looking quite positive for the company so far. Spondoolies-Tech Is No More The number of reputable Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers is rather small, as this is a very competitive …
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BTCS launches new Ethereum pilot program for the platform

Chances are that you have heard about BTCS, a blockchain company which focuses on various ways of securing the blockchain. This is usually achieved with the help of its very own transaction verification service, which has proven successful across many platforms so far. According to recent reports, it seems like the company is launching a pilot program, meant to begin securing Ethereum’s blockchain as well. For those that do not …
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