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BricketBot Author Claims Responsibility for Indian ISP Attack

We have touched upon BirkcerBot malware several times already this year. This particular malware is quite nasty as it infects IoT devices and effectively renders them useless. It now appears that the developer of this malware has claimed responsibility for bricking as many as 60,000 Indian modems over the past few months. That is quite a bold claim, but it seems that there is some truth to it after all. BrickerBot Is …
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Brickerbot Developer Claims he Bricked Over 2 Million IoT Devices so far

Not too long ago, we talked on this site about Brickerbot, a new type of malware targeting Internet of Things devices. Although it was a bit unclear at that time as to how powerful this malicious software could be, it appears there is legitimate cause for concern. In fact, the author responsible for creating this tool now claims he successfully bricked two million IoT devices already. That is quite a …
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What is BrickerBot?

It was only a matter of time until a new type of malware would target Internet of Things devices. BrickerBot, as this new threat is called, is capable of effectively bricking IoT devices by corrupting the device’s storage capability. This development once again highlights how IoT security remains a very problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. BrickerBot is A Very Real Problem Although the Internet of …
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