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4 Upcoming Brave Browser Changes to Look Forward to

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are smitten by the capabilities provided by the Brave browser. It is a worthy rival to take on the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In a recently “leaked” conversation, it becomes apparent a few key additional features will be coming to this popular browsing tool. Further spreading the appeal of this project is an ongoing process. Reddit Tipping is in the Works While …
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Next Brave Browser Update Enables Support for Popular Chrome Extensions

The Brave browser has been a great tool to put cryptocurrency on the map. By removing annoying ads from the browsing experience, the software solution is certainly impressive. It seems Brave will soon become more compatible with existing Chrome extensions, although not all of them will be supported right away. A Massive Brave Update is Coming It has become evident there is a growing need for different browser experiences. As …
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Brave Browser Update Allows Users to Tip YouTube Creators Directly

Ever since the Brave browser was introduced, people have been wondering whether or not it could appeal to the masses. So far, that remains to be determined. The team has introduced a new feature that could make this a preferred tool among YouTube content creators and mainstream Internet users. More specifically, being able to donate directly to YouTubers is an attractive feature, to say the least. Brave Browser Update is Pretty Important It …
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