Brave Browser Update Allows Users to Tip YouTube Creators Directly

Ever since the Brave browser was introduced, people have been wondering whether or not it could appeal to the masses. So far, that remains to be determined. The team has introduced a new feature that could make this a preferred tool among YouTube content creators and mainstream Internet users. More specifically, being able to donate directly to YouTubers is an attractive feature, to say the least.

Brave Browser Update is Pretty Important

It is always good to see the Brave browser receive much-needed functionality upgrades. More specifically, most people who know this project consider it to be a way to block ads or pay users when they decide to watch ads in the first place. However, there is a lot more to this browser, thanks to the most recent update. YouTubers in particular will likely take a liking to this new upgrade.

More specifically, the new feature lets Brave users directly donate money to YouTube creators. None of the money goes to Google or YouTube itself, but only to the people one wishes to support. This new form of monetization is certainly worth paying attention to, though it remains to be seen how many people will actually use this tool. Users can also create donation lists comprised of specific channels, which is pretty significant.

Moreover, it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not the YouTuber to whom you wish to donate is massively popular either. Even if the channel in question has under 10,000 views, it’s possible to give its creator money directly. While this may invite a few spammers and reposters to earn a quick buck, it is doubtful the average Brave browser user will give money to creators who don’t deserve it. Giving people full control over their donations is always an option worth exploring.

Users who are looking to explore this new feature will first need to place funds in their wallet. This can be done by either earning funds from watching ads through the browser, or by manually funding one’s wallet with Bitcoin. Both options work just fine, although it remains to be seen if people will actually do this. Moreover, YouTube creators won’t be able to earn rewards unless they do some manual setup of their own. This makes the whole ordeal more cumbersome than it needs to be.

All of this goes to show the Brave browser is still an impressive project, but it isn’t necessarily appealing to the masses. More specifically, there is a lot of work still to be done by both YouTube creators and the people looking to support them. This is not a convenient solution by any means, even though there is still a lot of room for future progress. No one can deny this concept has a lot of merit, but there are still some things that make it far less appealing than it could or should be.

YouTube creators of all kinds have been looking for new ways to make money as of late. Demonetization efforts against YouTube creators have caused a lot of uproar as of late. It is evident something will need to change to prevent content creators from losing out on even more money. Whether or not the Brave browser is the right way to do so is anybody’s guess at this point in time. It certainly creates some new opportunities for content creators, but it remains to be seen if YouTubers will take advantage of them.