Next Brave Browser Update Enables Support for Popular Chrome Extensions

The Brave browser has been a great tool to put cryptocurrency on the map. By removing annoying ads from the browsing experience, the software solution is certainly impressive. It seems Brave will soon become more compatible with existing Chrome extensions, although not all of them will be supported right away.

A Massive Brave Update is Coming

It has become evident there is a growing need for different browser experiences. As of right now, browsing the internet involves viewing a lot of advertisements, pop-ups, pop-unders, and so forth. For the average user, it is almost an assault on the eyeballs, and things will need to vastly improve in this regard.

This is where the Brave browser comes into the picture. It tackles the browsing experience in a completely different way. Users get paid to watch ads and have the option to disable all advertisements altogether. As such, users can achieve greater browsing speeds and simply access the information they are looking for in a convenient manner.

Considering that Brave is based on the Chromium framework, a lot of people have been quick to identify similarities between the new browser and a very basic version of Chrome. It seems that connection will only become more obvious as time progresses. It is expected that the next major Brave browser update will include support for various popular Chrome browser plugins including BetterTTV, Pinterest, Grammarly, and Evernote.

While this list of to-be-supported extensions is still pretty small, it does show there is an interesting future ahead for Brave users and those who are looking for a better browsing experience overall. If this new browser can support some of the more popular Chrome extensions and plugins without breaking the ad-free experience, things will get very interesting. After all, most people stick to Chrome simply because of these convenient plugins.

Additionally, the new Brave browser update should make it easier for the team to include the latest Google security fixes. They even plan to increase the browser’s overall speed even further, which is something a lot of people will certainly appreciate. Many interesting changes are coming in this regard, by the look of things. While the team will sacrifice the browser’s custom user interface, it seems to be a trade-off they are willing to make.

When this new update will be released exactly remains to be determined. As of right now, there is no official release date set, but it should be sometime in the next few months. Whether or not the average consumer will suddenly give this browser a try over Chrome, Firefox, or Edge also remains to be seen. More competition in this space can only be considered a good thing; that much is evident.