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Bitcoin Acceptance Has Attributed To BrainTree’s 25-fold Growth

Most Bitcoin users know the BrainTree name by now, as this PayPal subsidiary accepts bitcoin payments. Ever since the company was acquired by the internet payment processing giant, the number of transactions has increased. Over the past three years, a 2,500% growth has been noted, thanks to the addition of several innovative payment options. BrainTree Keeps On Rocking With Alternative Payment Options It has to be said, the growth of …
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PayPal Mobile Update Adds Better Android Security

PayPal is one of the most popular platforms for sending money all over the world, and a large portion of their daily transaction volume originates from mobile devices. It was due time for the company to give their mobile app an update, although very little has changed under the hood. A simpler layout is always a good thing, though, and PayPal keeps trying to build a better global experience. Also …
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