Bitcoin Acceptance Has Attributed To BrainTree’s 25-fold Growth

Most Bitcoin users know the BrainTree name by now, as this PayPal subsidiary accepts bitcoin payments. Ever since the company was acquired by the internet payment processing giant, the number of transactions has increased. Over the past three years, a 2,500% growth has been noted, thanks to the addition of several innovative payment options.

BrainTree Keeps On Rocking With Alternative Payment Options

It has to be said, the growth of BrainTree cannot be denied. Being part of the PayPal umbrella has certainly helped things along over the past few years, but the subsidiary has been working hard on promoting their services as well. Partnering with influential YouTubers, for example, has been a strategy that paid dividends.

That being said, the largest growth stems forth from a different approach entirely. BrainTree is best known for its acceptance of many different payment options. Merchants have a broad range of choices at their disposal, all of which can be processed by one and the same company.

Although most people are well aware how BrainTree accepts Bitcoin payments, most merchants would have no idea. It is an actively advertised payment method by the company, which is a positive sign. However, they are also focusing on the mobile sector by accepting Apple Pay, Venmo, and even UnionPay as payment options.

BrainTree has also brought all of its supported payment methods to different platforms used by billions of users worldwide. Facebook Messenger and Pinterest are two names that have integrated BrainTree into their platforms. The company is also powering the payment backend for Uber and Lyft, two businesses that may start to accept Bitcoin at some point in the future.

For those who are still doubting the success of alternative finance, look no further. BrainTree is just one of the companies looking beyond traditional finance for both retailers and consumers. Bitcoin is an exciting addition to the platform, although no official numbers regarding users and transactions were revealed. At the same time, this shows Bitcoin can easily coexist with other payment options.

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