PayPal Mobile Update Adds Better Android Security

PayPal is one of the most popular platforms for sending money all over the world, and a large portion of their daily transaction volume originates from mobile devices. It was due time for the company to give their mobile app an update, although very little has changed under the hood. A simpler layout is always a good thing, though, and PayPal keeps trying to build a better global experience.

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PayPal Mobile App Update Is Promising

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One thing a lot of mobile financial applications seem to lack of personalization. Whether it is the app for mobile banking or even the previous version of the PayPal app, they all feel rather generic and far from personal. That has come to change in the newest version of PayPal’s mobile app, though, as the new design looks a lot better.

Truth be told, this redesign can mostly be attributed to overwhelming customer feedback. After receiving plenty of questions, tips, and requests, the Paypal mobile developers got to work on building a new UI that complements user needs. But it is not just the interface that has changed, as the company keeps striving for a better overall user experience when sending and managing funds.

Part of those efforts are focused on creating a better global experience. This will help localize the mobile PayPal app in the 145 supported countries. Regardless of what one’s native language might be, the app will support you and guide users through the necessary steps for managing, sending, and receiving funds.

Speaking of sending and receiving payments, a new personalized hub has been added to the mobile PayPal app. This centre will help stimulate peer-to-peer transfers, as users can add recipients and contacts directly. Such a feature could be especially useful when it comes to requesting money as well, as the contact is just a few taps away.

Last but not least, Android security has been enhanced by fine-tuning the fingerprint authentication method for more devices. No changes have been made to the iOS version in that department, which is only normal, as there are only a handful of Apple devices supporting fingerprint authentication.

Despite all of these positive changes, PayPal has not been able to address some of the critical issues. Their service is not available in all countries around the world, so there is no “global experience” to speak of. Additionally, further integration with BrainTree in the mobile app would be a nice bonus as well, allowing merchants to accept other forms of payment such as Bitcoin and Venmo.

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