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Bob Loukas Expects a Bullish Year for Bitcoin and Precious Metals

Leaning on others for financial advice is never a smart idea. This is especially true where the bitcoin price is concerned, as this market is far too unpredictable. Bob Loukas, a trader of bitcoin, gold, and stocks, has shared his 2020 outlook on Twitter. Bob Loukas is Bullish on Bitcoin It appears that this individual expects a bullish narrative for the world’s leading cryptocurrency. However, Bob Loukas also hints at …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes to $9,300

Bitcoin has jumped back to the $9,300 mark. The currency had recently been tested at $9,800, and was unable to surpass $10,000 mark over the weekend as so many analysts and users were hoping. It fell to $9,500 the following day, $9,300 after that, and ultimately settled at $9,100 during yesterday’s early morning hours. Overall, the total drop amounted to $700 over the course of three days. Now that the …
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