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The Bitcoin Network Briefly Produced too Many Blocks

There are always some interesting developments taking place within the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin’s network saw an influx of 16 network blocks in 63 minutes, which is a strong deviation from the average. The Bitcoin network is subject to some very strict rules and time frames. An Anomaly in the Bitcoin Block Production On average, one network block is generated every 10 minutes. Over the span of an hour, six – …
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What are Ethereum Uncles?

In Ethereum, we often come across some very strange terms. For example, there is often a discussion about “uncles,” and how they impact the overall blockchain. Very few people seem to be aware of what these uncles are and represent. It is interesting to see “incorrect” network blocks still lead to some form of a reward. Let’s explore this “uncle” concept a bit further. Ethereum has Many Uncles and They all …
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