The Bitcoin Network Briefly Produced too Many Blocks

There are always some interesting developments taking place within the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin’s network saw an influx of 16 network blocks in 63 minutes, which is a strong deviation from the average.

The Bitcoin network is subject to some very strict rules and time frames.

An Anomaly in the Bitcoin Block Production

On average, one network block is generated every 10 minutes.

Over the span of an hour, six – or sometimes seven blocks will be generated accordingly.

Last week, 16 of those blocks were found on the network in a span of 63 minutes.

That is very unusual, and also raises a lot of questions. 

Four of these blocks were shown on the network in a span of 46 seconds, further adding fuel to the mystery.

While an anomaly, it also seems to coincide with the upcoming block reward halving.

When more blocks are found on the network, the mining difficulty is often too low. 

However, during this anomalous hour, it seems something else took place.

For now, it just appears to be an odd coincidence with no real reason behind it.

Ever since this anomaly took place, the production of Bitcoin network blocks has returned to normal.

If this keeps happening, however, things are undoubtedly bound to get very interesting rather quickly.