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Emercoin Brings World’s First End-user Blockchain Solution To Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has been adding various blockchain-based solutions to their platform over the past few months. However, Emercoin is the first blockchain engine to make it to this platform. What the Emercoin Blockchain Engine does is bring distributed ledger technology to the end user directly. As a result, it is possible to deploy Emercoin-based blockchain solutions with just a few clicks. Emercoin Brings New Solutions To Microsoft Azure Among the …
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Tech Bureau partners up with NEM for new blockchain engine     

During the last couple of months, the blockchain trend in Japan has grown significantly. In fact, recent reports indicate that the Japanese startup Tech Bureau, alongside with a new open source project known by the name of NEM, will continue their partnership and work on a new project. To put things better into perspective, the focus of the partnership is to develop a blockchain engine, codenamed as Catapult, which is …
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