Emercoin Brings World’s First End-user Blockchain Solution To Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has been adding various blockchain-based solutions to their platform over the past few months. However, Emercoin is the first blockchain engine to make it to this platform. What the Emercoin Blockchain Engine does is bring distributed ledger technology to the end user directly. As a result, it is possible to deploy Emercoin-based blockchain solutions with just a few clicks.

Emercoin Brings New Solutions To Microsoft Azure

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Among the Emercoin services one can deploy through Azure are EMCSSH-as-a-service and a web wallet for this cryptocurrency. All it takes is one click to deploy everything, with no further tweaking needed. Whether one wants to use this independently, or as part of a complex system, it is all possible with little effort.

Powering the Emercoin Blockchain Engine is a virtual machine running CentOS 7.2 and various dependencies, including Emercoin software. The web wallet can be accessed through HTTPS certificates, and users can personalize the authentication procedure. Developers and users can make use of the API, EMCWEB, and EMCSSH. This latter option is kind of interesting, as it protects users against man-in-the-middle attacks.

“Among the solutions available to users who subscribe to the Emercoin Blockchain Engine are the following: Emercoin Client (the command-line client of the blockchain and the wallet, its API), EMCSSH (providing secure remote login to the server as well as preventing man-in- the-middle attacks), EMCWEB (allowing access to an Emercoin wallet securely installed on your own cloud server), which allows the user to develop custom blockchain applications without needing to install each client wallet desired.“

Mobile applications play a major role in the future of finance. The Emercoin Blockchain Engine lets developers create mobile applications which provide full functional access to the Emercoin blockchain. Very few people are aware of how Emercoin was one of the first Microsoft Azure BaaS programs, and they are now the first Microsoft Azure Market application to provide blockchain services to end users.

Similar to Bitcoin, Emercoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Although both projects share some traits, Emercoin is looking to raise the bar as far as services are concerned. With a market cap of over US$6m, Emersion has seen its fair share of success since its inception in December of 2013.

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